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MPB Photographic
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Camera Price Buster - UKs cheapest camera gear
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Flash Photography

Techniques for better on-camera flash - Neil Turner
strobist - a blog on lighting, by David Hobby
One Light Workshops (and forum), by Zack Arias
Dave Black Photography
A Better Bounce Card - Peter Gregg
A Photographer’s Sketch Book, by John Lehmann
Lighting Tutorials - Neil Cowley
Flash Photography with Canon EOS cameras
Wireless flash article
Light Cage
Planet Neil - Flash Photography Techniques

News and forums

Amateur Photographer magazine Canon News and Rumors
WebAperture Your friendly neighborhood photo forum!
SportsShooter - Equipment Profiles


VisibleDust - DSLR Sensor Cleaning
Really Right Stuff
Wimberley Professional Photo Gear

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canon camera museum
How To Fix a Canon Pop-up Flash
How to Repair Canon 20D flash hot shoe
Canon USA Consumer Products - EOS (SLR) Camera Systems - Thom Hogan